Useful Links

Here are some helpful reader’s advisory links that you can turn to if you want to find a good book to read:

Williamsburg Regional Library – Through the library’s “Looking For a Good Book Service” if you fill out the form a librarian will send you a list of personalized suggested reading! How amazing is that? The library also maintains a blog – Blogging for a Good Book.

Book Buzz: Toronto Public Library’s Virtual Book Club – This is a great way to get reading suggestions, particularly to find out about new books with buzz, even if you don’t join.

The Reader’s Advisor Online – This site gives a weekly run down on Sundays about what’s new in the book world. It will save you the work of hunting through all the blogs, newsletters, newspapers, and magazines yourself! Hosted by Libraries Unlimited.

LibraryReads – This blog consists of reading suggestions from librarians.

Shelf Talk – Hosted by Seattle Public Library, the site gives all sorts of reading, movie, adn music suggestions.




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