Jane Eyre Cover Art

Suffice it to say that Jane Eyre has been published many times over. What Jane Eyre do you like the best? Vote for your favourite or share others you’ve found.

1                                          2                                        3

je book cover 1           je book cover 2           je book cover 15

4                                         5                                        6

je book cover 7        jane eyre bigger        je book cover 16

7                                        8                                           9

je book cover 14     collins pb je    essential classics je

10                                   11                                             12

je book cover 8           je book cover 9       je book cover 10

13                                          14                                       15

je book cover 11             je book cover 12           je book cover 13

(For the record, I think my favourites are 11, 12, and 15.)


Of course, their are several graphic novel adaptations of Jane Eyre too.

je graphic novel   je graphic novel 1   je graphic novel 2   je graphic novel 3

This one has to be my favourite though…

je graphic novel 4 small

Somebody better tell Mr. Rochester that that is a dangerous way to ride. No wonder he fell off his horse.


And finally, there are some slightly odd versions of Jane Eyre out there, probably only for the true affectionados, who want their four year old to enjoy Jane Eyre just as much as they do.

baby lit je          cozy classics je


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