Virtue and Moir Top 10 – Programs

Since I started my little personal Virtue/Moir celebration with a top ten of Tessa and Scott’s outfits, now I’m going to look at programs. Really, I have enjoyed pretty much all of their programs, particularly the short (or original) dances. Frequently these have been my personal favourites, even if their free dances have often been the most memorable; what people think of when they hear “Virtue/Moir.” But whether original, short or free, their programs celebrate pure dance. They fully express the music, whatever the style. They embrace it and seem to exude the love and joy of music in their movement. So, here we go! Taking into consideration the music, choreography, execution and performance of their senior ice dance programs, and trying to keep a equal representation of short and free,¬† in chronological order, here are my top ten:

Dark Eyes OD 2007-2008

This short dance where Scott gets to be his expressive best. I love his hand gestures in the final lift of the program. The program is fiery and intricate, really capturing the audience, and it builds to a really satisfying conclusion. I also like that their is a real feeling of underlying tension, simmering beneath the surface. This was just at their second World Championships! It’s quite ambitious – I think the curve lift is very cool – but there is also something about it that is very youthful and vivacious. You can feel they are young and hungry and daring. I just feel like it was a program perfectly suited to that point of their career.

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Virtue and Moir Top 10 Lists – Costumes

I really love watching Tessa and Scott skate and with the (probable) end of their skating career (I’m okay with it now; I was never okay with after Sochi but I can deal with it now), I want to take some time to look back over their career and some of my favourite moments, programs, costumes, you name it. So in the next few installments I’m going to geek out here a little bit and then I’ll go back to being a relatively normal skating fan… if there is such a thing.

The Top Ten Dresses of Tessa and Suits of Scott

Let’s just start with saying that Tessa has had a LOT of dresses over the years and not just because of her long competitive career. Only infrequently has she worn one dress for a program throughout a season. Sometimes she has kept it to two dresses in a season for a particular program, but it has gone as a high as six. Scott tends to have fewer, but he switches it up to from time to time. As a viewer, I really appreciate that they like to keep things fresh and interesting. I also appreciate that they don’t quit until they achieve just the effect and feel they are looking for, although a lot of changes can also be pretty good signal that they aren’t comfortable or haven’t really found their voice yet. Nonetheless, it means that we have gotten to see lots of beautiful skating dresses in particular over the years; and, in another achievement, nothing tacky or over-the-top (i.e., tatters and shreds, large crosses or other cues emblazoned on their outfits, gaudy colours, questionable bling, etc., with a few slightly silly early exceptions and the caveat that Latin is Latin and you can’t change that). Their look is simple and tasteful, accentuating their lines and emphasizing beauty.Read More »