Notes on Dresses – Dance

** I had to do some updating since most of the videos in my blogs from the fall weren’t working anymore. So, in the process, I turned one super long post into two posts, just cause I’m like that. So, although this is a new post there isn’t any new material. It just might be easier to find something in the future. **

The variety of tango looks we are getting is very interesting to me. There are lots of similarities but they don’t look all the same. There are a lot of distinctive looks. I find it very intriguing how that can happen. And some people have had more than one dress, even at the point in the season!

I’m not sure which RD dress to like more on Madison Hubbell? The black lace (except I don’t know about beaded kind of tassels on it) or the red dress (but I’m not sure about the grey for accents)? I like them both. I think I’m leaning more to the red. But what happened to the very first dress, the velvety black from USIC? I liked that material. Now, looking back, however, it was not velvety and had one sleeve. I liked the bodice though and Zach’s black suspenders. Maybe that dress with full sleeves? The problem is they are all good! But which one is the best? I’m going with the black lace. I’ve decided I like the tassels after all, like a little leg curtain. And I think black is more “Maria de Buenos Aires”.

IMG_1757 ap_18256676067404-e1536961227463181020-skateamerica-107-jpg

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Favourite Pairs Programs, 2017-18

Oh, I love the pairs. If you haven’t realize yet, they are my favourite, the acrobatics and the elegance! (I have recently discovered acrobatic gymnastics by the way. Why is it not an Olympic sport? It’s so competitive and so entertaining! I say get rid of rhythmic gymnastics and put in a gymnastics sport that is equally represented by men and women. But moving on… ) This year, I particularly liked what Team China came out with but there were other favourites as well. And as with the ladies, I didn’t include repeats (sorry Kirtsen and Michael, sorry Peng and Jin, sorry Marissa and Mervin, Aljona and Bruno, etc., etc.).

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As a librarian, I make “suggestions”, not “recommendations”, because my taste may not be your taste. But sometimes I think my taste should be your taste. Sometimes I think, if people just listened to me, I could really sort things out. In this spirit, I would like to make suggestions about many things: books, shows, figure skating choices – all the really important things. Maybe someone will take me up on them? For self-amusement and wishful thinking, I offer my suggestions.