Favourite Programs – Women

I think we are at the point in the figure skating season when we should take some time to go over our favourites. A number of skaters are already done their season, while for others there is really only the World Championships left. We may only see the programs one more time! I hope my favourites all get a good send off.

When I think about favourite programs, it tends to be a combination of things that win me over. It’s really the packaging all together – music choice, costume, choreography. However, it’s also about how well it is skated and performed. In the end though, beautiful, creative choreography, so well suited to the music, wins the day.

Women’s Short Program – in no particular order

These are the short programs I have really been enjoying this season. Don’t be surprised that this list is dominated by Japanese women. I know we’ve all been focused on Russian women for the past little while but I really think the Japanese women have the depth, consistency and sustainability to dominate this quad. Satoko, Wakaba, Rika, Mai, Kaori, Marin… We really are spoiled.

Mariah Bell – “To Love You More” –  choreographed by Adam Rippon

You can tell she really loves performing this program and it is so enjoyable to watch. It uses and she expresses the music so well. Side note: the dress is superb. Read More »


One Busy Weekend of Skating

I have so many things I would like to do and constantly seem to be finding myself behind these days, so I am going to record some of my thoughts from this weekend while they are still fresh and hopefully get more in depth with the pairs from Europeans and multiple Nationals later. We’ll see how it all pans out. We’ve also been seeing lots of new dresses lately and I want to get to them too. Anyway, despite the time differences and the internet’s best attempts to keeping me from watching skating programs, I fared pretty well. There are a few things I haven’t been able to see but that, I’m pretty sure, is because they aren’t out there and never were.

Someone shake that man’s hand!

Yes, someone really does need to shake Patrice Lauzon’s hand, and Marie-France’s and Romain’s. I really think the work they are doing is tremendous. There has been a number of comments about the Gadabois group being over-saturated at the moment, and yes, they have a lot of teams, but I think we should maybe just send everybody there. They are doing a lot of good work. Not every program is a hit and not every couple has delivered in competition but their teams steadily improve and in general their skaters genuinely seem happy about their training situation. And, from the wide variety of programs and styles we see this season, they seem to be doing fairly well at developing each team individually. Their American teams have all made huge strides, some in a very short period of time. Chock/Bates, in my opinion, have never looked better; Hubbell/Donohue seem to have reached a new level of confidence and power in their performance; Hawayek/Baker are breaking through but it’s not just a “paid their dues” step up the ladder. They seem to have a fresh energy and I think their material is the best it has ever been. And of course, they still have the top team, and good luck anyone in catching them.

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More Notes on Dresses – the Ladies

There are so many dresses I need to catch up with! I will see what I can do.

I think Yuna‘s the short program dress works. I love the program and how much fun she seems to be having and I think the dress fits right in. I will even take the gloves. I really like Yuna’s free program – the music! Mussorgsky! – but I think I prefer last year’s dress. Can we go back to it? Or is she trying to imitate a picture frame with the gold scrolls?

yuna4  yuna2

Well, okay, this season’s is a nice dress in itself, but I like the wine colour of the first season and I like the sparkles. It’s look like magic spreading and I can imagine the pictures coming to life.

I think Alina‘s dresses are quite nice. I think she looks beautiful and elegant. There is some exquisite detail and her dress for the short is especially nice (even though the program is crazy). For the free, I like the lace and the high waist with the beading detail but I hate the red ruffle over the gloves. As soon as I look at the end of her arms, it ruins everything. Besides, I really don’t think Carmen was wearing gloves in the cigar factory. Let’s just get rid of the gloves in both programs.

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating - Helsinki        alina3

Of all her programs this season, her exhibition is my favourite. This girl is dying to breakout the catsuit! I think we should keep this in mind for next season, if she has one.

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Thoughts on the Challenger Series Thus Far

Now that the flurry of competition opening of the Challenger Series is over and before the opening of the Grand Prix, I think it’s time to do a survey of what we’ve seen and how the season is shaping up. There is so much to say but I just get to it each week, so I’m going to do a bit of a round up now of my initial impressions.

Who means business –

Skaters who have come out prepared and with focus, determination and energy from the start. 

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