More Notes on Dresses – the Ladies

There are so many dresses I need to catch up with! I will see what I can do.

I think Yuna‘s the short program dress works. I love the program and how much fun she seems to be having and I think the dress fits right in. I will even take the gloves. I really like Yuna’s free program – the music! Mussorgsky! – but I think I prefer last year’s dress. Can we go back to it? Or is she trying to imitate a picture frame with the gold scrolls?

yuna4  yuna2

Well, okay, this season’s is a nice dress in itself, but I like the wine colour of the first season and I like the sparkles. It’s look like magic spreading and I can imagine the pictures coming to life.

I think Alina‘s dresses are quite nice. I think she looks beautiful and elegant. There is some exquisite detail and her dress for the short is especially nice (even though the program is crazy). For the free, I like the lace and the high waist with the beading detail but I hate the red ruffle over the gloves. As soon as I look at the end of her arms, it ruins everything. Besides, I really don’t think Carmen was wearing gloves in the cigar factory. Let’s just get rid of the gloves in both programs.

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating - Helsinki        alina3

Of all her programs this season, her exhibition is my favourite. This girl is dying to breakout the catsuit! I think we should keep this in mind for next season, if she has one.

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Notes on the Ladies – Dresses at Skate America and Skate Canada

I mostly want to talk about what I liked and what I didn’t but I’m so short on time, so I am mashing the ladies and dance together here. It was quite difficult to find photos of all of these, so enjoy the videos!

In the Ladies…

Bradie has sleeves! If you put your ideas of there, into the universe, someone hears you!

gettyimages_1037475818.jpg  14061555_web1_m5-181021-edh-skateamericasun.jpg

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Is This Red Dress the Best Dress Evgenia Tarasova Has Ever Had?

In my last post, I claimed that Evgenia Tarasova’s new red dress is objectively the best dress she is ever had. I made the comment off the top of my head. But is that the truth? Let’s take a closer look.

For the purpose of this post, we will confine ourselves to Tarasova and Morozov’s Senior career, which takes us back to fall of 2014.

Remember, this is the question:

Is this red dress –

Skate America Figure Skating

Tarasova’s best skating costume ever?

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2017-18 Favourite Skating Dresses

I’ve been away for a little bit but I’ve decided it’s time for more lists. However, I have just realized how ambitious my title is. I may have to break this down by discipline. I’m finding this difficult to narrow down. Or maybe I’ll go by colour…

So final decision – dresses that I like, arranged by colour.  (I have certainly noticed I have a fondness for red dresses… )

Red Dresses

Lilah Fear FD – I really like this little team (literally I think they are pretty tiny) and I think this is a great dress for West Side Story.  I love the velvet detail on the bodice and the drapey shoulders. I guess it’s nothing groundbreaking but I think she looks great. That’s enough for me.

Tessa Virtue FD – I gushed about her red dresses here. They are all fabulous but I think the final one takes the cake. Bam. Everything you need to know and it looks good too!


Marie-Jade Lauriault FD – I think this dress so suited the music and vibe of the program. I liked her second dress but I prefer this one. Maybe it was hard to skate in? Why did you change? I want to know.

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Virtue and Moir Top 10 Lists – Costumes

I really love watching Tessa and Scott skate and with the (probable) end of their skating career (I’m okay with it now; I was never okay with after Sochi but I can deal with it now), I want to take some time to look back over their career and some of my favourite moments, programs, costumes, you name it. So in the next few installments I’m going to geek out here a little bit and then I’ll go back to being a relatively normal skating fan… if there is such a thing.

The Top Ten Dresses of Tessa and Suits of Scott

Let’s just start with saying that Tessa has had a LOT of dresses over the years and not just because of her long competitive career. Only infrequently has she worn one dress for a program throughout a season. Sometimes she has kept it to two dresses in a season for a particular program, but it has gone as a high as six. Scott tends to have fewer, but he switches it up to from time to time. As a viewer, I really appreciate that they like to keep things fresh and interesting. I also appreciate that they don’t quit until they achieve just the effect and feel they are looking for, although a lot of changes can also be pretty good signal that they aren’t comfortable or haven’t really found their voice yet. Nonetheless, it means that we have gotten to see lots of beautiful skating dresses in particular over the years; and, in another achievement, nothing tacky or over-the-top (i.e., tatters and shreds, large crosses or other cues emblazoned on their outfits, gaudy colours, questionable bling, etc., with a few slightly silly early exceptions and the caveat that Latin is Latin and you can’t change that). Their look is simple and tasteful, accentuating their lines and emphasizing beauty.Read More »