Professional Experience

  • My love of books and reader’s advisory are my primary qualifications for suggesting reading. I have been a reader for 26 years and a serious reader for 22. Reader’s advisory is a particular area of interest for me and I am currently studying RA in a Masters of Library and Information Science. Also, I love public libraries! In my life I have held library cards for 6 public libraries.
  • I currently work in a public library branch as Branch Assistant. I love the variety of ages. In teaching I dealt with teenagers all the time. I didn’t get to see a lot of kids and adults!
  • I am a a high school teacher. My subject areas are History and English. For six years I taught history, civics, and social science to 14-18 year olds at an Ontario private school. I have also tutored students in English and writing.
  • Teaching also involved extracurricular music and drama! I directed several skit, musical numbers, and plays including Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Sunday Costs Five Pesos, scenes from The Good Doctor, and The Happy Journey. These were great experiences with terrific students!
  • In England, I worked in the Leeds General Hospital Medical Records department. As a medical records clerk I got to climb the stacks!
  • I have customer service experience, from serving ice cream to hungry and hot customers, as well as working at the front desk at a computer repair shop to frustrated customers. But in the, I have served lots of happy customers too.
  • The demanding academic life of an undergraduate and MLIS student has honed my time management and research skills. 

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