About Me

Hi – I’m Jessica May. I am a teacher-turned-librarian with a passion for reading and literacy and all the wonderful things books can do for our minds and hearts.

I read pretty widely, a smattering of most genres but I don’t read vampires or zombies. I make good use of my library when it comes to reading material but I pick of things here and there at used book stores, thrift shops, discount book outlets, and library books sales. Sometimes when I can’t stand the temptation any longer, I buy the book outright, brand new, but that doesn’t happen very often.

I am really interested in how people choose their reading, the methods they devise and the things they like. What can the library do to help a person make the right choice for a patron and encourage people to read? For anyone there’s a lot at stake when it comes to leisure reading – time, energy, concentration, comfort – but for some there is more than others. It’s always discouraging to read a book you dislike but while some get back up on the horse, others don’t. But there is a book out there for them! We just need to help get it into their hands.  

Some other things I like: cats (please – I’m a librarian), music, singing, biking, cross-country skiing, history and genealogy, and learning! There are so many interesting things in the world and so many interesting books.

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