Internationaux de France – The Pairs

France was the big finish to the Grand Prix series, the final stage, the decision maker. And it was a pretty exciting one! Going in, I thought first and second looked pretty locked up, with James/Cipres first and Boikova/Kozlovskii second, and otherwise it could be one of three rounding out the podium: Ryom/Kim, Hase/Seegert or Kayne/O’Shea for the bronze, all having all placed fifth at their previous assignments, all never having medalled on the Grand Prix before. I gave the edge to Ryom/Kim going in with the highest total score of the three pairs. And then there were a few dipsy-doodles and everything sort of jumbled about and in the end we came out with this.

pairs france

Except for Ruest/Wolfe, no team had the same ordinal from one program to the next. Sitting here looking at it all I can think is that probably no one would have predicted the top half. If you did, I want to know. And of course, this all has implications for the Grand Prix Final! But first let’s deal with the actual competition.

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