Rostelecom – The Pairs

Whoo! We are in the sixth week and the Grand Prix is definitely catching up with me. It’s crunch time on the Grand Prix and there is so much going on. I don’t know when I’ll get this done but I am going to because I have thoughts! We are in the heart of the first half of the season and things are really starting to come together. This past weekend, teams seemed ready to compete. Not to say that it all went well but I felt like the teams at Rostelecom wanted to compete and show what they can do. It was just a matter of putting it out there when it counted.

But I guess the important question is: who got Cup of Russia’d? And I think the answer is, surprisingly,  no one. I really thought it might go hard for Ziegler and Kiefer but they managed that final lift and all was well in the world for them. If anyone got Cup of Russia’d, they did it to themselves, so no foul here. I am a bit frustrated with the results but not because any team got stinted on the marks.

pairs rostelecom

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