Helsinki – The Pairs

Well hello Finland and the first Finish Grand Prix event! This was a bit of a change – because of the change of location (China to Finland), we saw a different kind of pairs event. In China the pairs event is usually dominated by the Chinese pairs but here, without any pairs to represent the host country, the field was a bit more open. It was nice to see teams from some smaller federations like Austria, North Korea, Spain, and Japan too. (Not that Japan’s federation is small but their pairs program is.) It wasn’t a very deep field, say compared to Skate Canada last week where the competition was stiffer, and it wasn’t, unfortunately, terribly well skated. It was a bit of a fight not to fall off the podium here. I think newer teams were fighting nerves and while more experienced ones were trying to deal higher expectations of themselves. But also, we had a few Grand Prix debuts in Finland – three of the eight teams – meaning that there was a wide range of experience and skills. Still, it was interesting to see how it all ended up and what kind of situation their results have placed them in as their season unfolds.

Here are the final results with, as you can see, lots of teams swapping ordinals.

helsinki pairs

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