Notes on the Ladies – Dresses at Skate America and Skate Canada

I mostly want to talk about what I liked and what I didn’t but I’m so short on time, so I am mashing the ladies and dance together here. It was quite difficult to find photos of all of these, so enjoy the videos!

In the Ladies…

Bradie has sleeves! If you put your ideas of there, into the universe, someone hears you!

gettyimages_1037475818.jpg  14061555_web1_m5-181021-edh-skateamericasun.jpg

I think the updated dress is an improvement for her and is more period too (unfortunately, I couldn’t find a better picture). Now we just have to work on that short program dress. I’m not a fan. I’m not usually into blue and black colour schemes, like a giant bruise. (Same goes for Polina.) I think she should have gone with one colour or the other. Choose! Really, overall, this is my issue with this dress  (plus the gloves) – there is just too much happening.

Image result for bradie tennell

I do like the stripes around the waist though. It gives her definition and from some angles it gives the impression of a two piece. So, I think she should go top and bottom, sort of like Carolane Soucisse is doing in the RD. I think the two piece, mid-riff look would be good on Bradie. Or mid-driff top and long leggings. I think that could be good. Go for it, Bradie!

Polina ditched the giantic gloves in the short. Her dress is quite unobjectionable and nice, if not particularly special. But what happened in the free? Actually, I like the bodice with the honeycomb pattern but the skirt of shreds? Why? What does it mean? The top works but it’s like they didn’t know how to finish it…

Image result for polina tsurskaya

Love Kaori‘s short program dress. I love the colour (I think it really suits her) and I love the design. I’m all in for this look. I really like the hair down too. I think she looks lovely.  The free is nice but I like colour on this girl. Give her colour!

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Skate America

I really like what Satoko is wearing in the free, despite the one sleeve, which is so strange for me. Let’s all take a moment to pause and watch the Tiny Queen.

satokofp1b     satokofp1

Of course, I like the short program dress too but the free is the super, I think. I like the splash of red.

I sort of wish that Alaine was wearing the Sunset Boulevard blue dress from last year. I think the red is a great colour but I don’t know about the silvery-grey of the embellishment. It seems… retiring. I want it to be more diamond and gold or a matching garnet. But now that I’m looking at them side by side I’m not sure which is better. I am maybe leaning towards the red… or not.

gettyimages-910495476-594x594  images (1)

Marin is really going for ornamentation and it’s a bit excessive in places. I thought the black dress she was wearing for the short was good. Now the new red is okay (although I still think the black suited the program more) but I think the black puffy flowers on the back look sort of weird and are entirely unnecessary. Now that I know her music for the free program is from “House of Flying Daggers”, I’ve decided fine with the dress but there is a LOT going on and it’s hard to take it all in and appreciate it all at once. I just wish the lace in the sleeves didn’t look so stretchy.

Image result for marin honda skate america

Laurine needs to make up her mind which colour she wants to wear in the free. I can see not reasonable explanation for being cut down the middle between grey and black. Pick one!


I think Sofia‘s dresses are very appropriate for her programs and quite nice in the back but I do NOT like those rose glove thing she is wearing in the short. They are a bridge too far.

Related image

What is Evgenia doing? I feel like this new short program dress is a really regression. The same is true of the free. In the short, I want the open neck and playful silhouette and cheeky style. The first dress was fun and this new one just isn’t. It’s even a tiny bit… matronly. There I’ve said it. See the difference…

medaci    medskcan

Also, I think her hair style here was too business and severe. I liked the bangs down. It was so pretty! I don’t care if they are annoying or distracting. You are a world champion! You can skate through it! (She skated with her bangs down in the exhibition and it was probably the best skate I’ve ever seen from her performance-wise, with some nice jumps and nice spin positions – not that that has a lot to do with bangs but it proves she can skate well with them down.)

In the free, I think the netting and sequins just make it feel disjointed and off-kilter. It feels like a distracting hodge-podge. I just think that whole look at ACI was so much better. Both dresses were simple and cohesive and flattering.  They dresses expressed the character of the programs and she looked good. She had some allure. That’s a new thing for her! Go with the new look, Evegnia. Trust it.

medtango1   medtango2

I feel like trust was the real issue here. At ACI, she had some issues, didn’t win and immediately announced that she was changing her costumes. Then she ran right back to the Eteri-era looks, overdone and overwrought, with higher necks and long sleeves. Maybe it was a case too much change, too soon but the first choices weren’t wrong. (I am right. Don’t fight me on this.)

I’m back to Alaine because I had the courage to watch her short program this time around at Skate Canada and I just find this short program dress just slightly missing the mark. I don’t love the bodice. I feel like it has a weird effect, like it makes her wider across the middle. Maybe it needs to taper more, have more of a deep-V? I can’t figure it out but it’s not her best dress. I feel like there is room for improvement. This seems to be the best image I can find, but I think it illustrates the problem…

Related image

Remember the dress she wore for “Sway”? I think they should bring that back. See! The collar was so awesome!! Maybe just change the fringe skirt? Or not. I would take it


I like skating dresses to make structural sense. I want to believe they would actually hold up and stay in place if they were real dresses and didn’t have all that illusion fabric because the point of the illusion fabric is to not be there and it quite clearly is there if it is holding everything together and in place. It then becomes conspicuous and I feel like that is ironic. This is what was bugging me with Mako‘s dress. I like the sparkly red but I was questioning the back. How would that actually work? (It also has the problem that the “flesh” tone on her arms doesn’t really blend and is a entirely different colour than her tights which cause me to question for awhile whether the arms were supposed to be “flesh” or “sleeves”. I think we can see the problem pretty clearly below.)

Skate Canada Figure Skating

I also find myself questiong Wakaba‘s short program dress too, which although I think it is very cool, I just wish it made more sense. Wakaba also has an interesting dress in the free. The gold is quite subtle, almost flesh-toned which confused me a bit at first. (Am I suppose to see the skirt or not?) But, I decided that I like it. The beading is beautiful and I think it looks really nice on her. It’s a good costume change. I also just want to say, I’m sorry for doubting you, Wakaba. Now that I know you are dealing with foot issues, it explains everything.

Image result for wakaba higuchi canada 2018

I’m cool with everything Starr is wearing but I sort of want her short program dress to have full sleeve sparkle, just all the more to enjoy the sparkliness.

Image result for starr andrews canada 2018

I really do like Elizaveta‘s long program dress but I’m not sold on the short. I feel like she’s got mixed up and put on the wrong dress and should be wearing it for another program instead. I sort of wish she was still wearing her leggings and top that she started with. Maybe a spy pantsuit? Oh please say yes!


Elizabet is fine. I do not love nor dislike her dresses. They both work for the programs, so she gets a pass.

DoxR6v6XkAEmQ0s  IMG_2965-1092x667

Mariah, on the other, hand is sort of becoming a skating dress queen for me. I’ve loved her dresses (minus her first Maria outing last season) for the past three seasons. The sparkliness definitely helps. But in the short the burgundy colour is great on her and the dress makes structural sense. My eye and brain just accept it and love it.

Image result for mariah bell skate canada

The free dance dress is quite nice too but it reminds me a bit of Ashley’s Wagner’s free dress a few years ago (Exogensis). I want Mariah to have something unique and all her own. So, the short is the real star. And now after watching the exhibition – first of all, beautiful dress; and second, can this be her free program? It suits her so well! I think someone should make it happen.

One last word on the ladies because I have to mention Yura. I thought the white dress she wore at ACI was beautiful but the dress she wore here topped it. The detail on it is exquisite and just so, so appropriate for her program. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

This was a hard one to find. We will have to do with a video from Rostelecom these days, following the youtube clear out of figure skating channels. It was a sad day.



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