Is This Red Dress the Best Dress Evgenia Tarasova Has Ever Had?

In my last post, I claimed that Evgenia Tarasova’s new red dress is objectively the best dress she is ever had. I made the comment off the top of my head. But is that the truth? Let’s take a closer look.

For the purpose of this post, we will confine ourselves to Tarasova and Morozov’s Senior career, which takes us back to fall of 2014.

Remember, this is the question:

Is this red dress –

Skate America Figure Skating

Tarasova’s best skating costume ever?


Goth Girl or Possibly Bat Girl – Not Sure Which


Lionel Richie – Hello?


If think it is safe to say that the red dress surpasses pleather and stretchy lace. I also want to add that the flesh tone is terrible and what is that collar – on both?!


Lord of the Dance


With this one, I question the whole neckline going on. I will give her points for the colour (I think it’s nice on her) but it’s a little bit Irish Lass overkill, plus something else. And poor Valdimir got stuck with the pleather this time. But I would like to see this look from him more…


And that season also included, perhaps my personal favourite…

Here Comes Treble!


They are killing this one to death too! Who doesn’t want to wear a giant torso-sized treble clef, because apparently, when you skate to Chopin, the theme is MUSIC. And just because he’s standing right there, I think I should say that Valdimir’s jacket is categorically awful. Awe look, he gets his only little treble clef over his heart! Because you can never have too much MUSIC! (This is something they maybe took to much to heart, as we will see.)



They started off with these…


But quickly glammed up their glam to these…


Okay. She looks pretty cute. It’s fun and sparkly and nothing totally ridiculous is going on. The question is, is it better than the red dress?

These are both statement dresses. The problem with the Glam dress is that the white sort of washes it out on the ice and it didn’t project as well. I think she needed more gold in the fringe, more gold in general. And, I think the red is more sophisticated. (I wish I coudl find a picture of the back.) So, the red dress is still the best. But I will give Glam Best Hairdo. I think the braids are really cute and suit Evgenia. (I think she should eart her hair more pulled back from the sides like this.) Wear them more!

More “MUSIC”!

Again, they started out with one outfit –

(which is a nice colour but has nothing to do with the program they are skating and although pretty, doesn’t make much of an impression and is probably associated with the worst performance of their career, so I understand why they made the switch)

And ended up with another – MUSIC!


Once again, a literal music program. Can’t get enough of a good thing! (I think that is a problem with this team. They keep on trying to replicate programs and moods, rather than branching out.) Actually though, I sort of love this dress. The off-the shoulder chap-like sleeves really work for me. But although I dig it, I can say that objectively, it is not better than the red dress. With the the two colour tones and glove-sleeves, MUSIC just can’t compete.




The knotted flames of fire never really did it for me. Mostly, I just though, “Why?” Why are you wrapped up in red ropes? What about Rachmaninoff suggests being tied up? It just looks sort of awkward to me.

Candyman, otherwise known as The Polka-Dots of Doom


I get why they did the polka dots. I even get why they went with yellow. But yellow and black? She’s a hyper-activity taxi cab. But if this was a solid colour, how would I feel? Even then, I think it would be all just too Junior. The the dog collar? Please, no.

Now, let’s take a peak at this season –


I Feel Good – The Bowling Team Is Back!


But only for a short time, unfortunately. However, if they ever do a program to Tutti-Frutti, they need to bring these back. (Who wants to see it?) Or maybe they could just wear them once a season, for me. I think the dress is actually flattering but pattern is a little crazy-cats. So instead, we got the dress, which is an upgrade but somehow it doesn’t measure up in cute and fun factor with this. Although it outstrips the bowling team in the glamourous, shiny and sophisticated categories.

The Red Dress


New Free Program

I don’t know what to call this program! (That’s a real dilemma.) The music is called “The Winter”. I couldn’t find a photo that showed the back, so I included a video because the back seems to have some kind of significance, somehow, maybe. What is the giant black spot on her back? I still don’t know. Does she have the plague?Does “Winter” help explain it at all? A connection does not spring to mind. I don’t like when costumes make me wonder “What is going on?” and distract me from the program. I think someone was overthinking this all a bit. Her dress is pretty but I think she needs colour, not white. She seems a bit washed out (white was problem for the Glam dress too). Wait a minute… is she trying to impersonate Marilyn Monroe? All the questioning is secondary however. The real question is: is it better than the red dress, and the answer is no.

So I think we can say, yes, the red dress IS the best dess Evgenia Morozov has ever worn.


4 thoughts on “Is This Red Dress the Best Dress Evgenia Tarasova Has Ever Had?

  1. Greatest post ever.
    You did not specifically address the black patch at the back of her winter dress. I have never been more distracted by a costume!

    • I know! Is it a ying and yang (on his)? If so, why? Is it suppose to represent a blizzard? Is it a giant mole? I really want them to tell me. I will still keep wondering why but at least I will know their reasoning, if there is any. I mostly see them as the greatest students ever who do everything they are told but theirs is not to reason why. So maybe Max needs to answer this question.

      • To me it definitely looks like yin and yang but idk what that has to do with the program. Very pretty dress from the front though. I would have to agree, the red is my favorite 😀 She looks like a movie star! I even get some Moulin Rouge vibes from the red dress ❤️

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