Couple or Not? Ice Dance Edition

We’re back for another round of Couple or Not? You can’t do pairs and not ice dance too. Although I’m a little sad. We probably won’t play this again for awhile now. Maybe we will notice new and up-and-coming teams that on whom we can speculate later. Once again, in order to help gauge couple compatibility we turned to the team ISU bios. Shared hobbies increase the likeliness of couple-dom and shared physical activities outside of skating put it through the roof! Am I right? I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Just as a reminder –

*We have not actual real knowledge on this subject. Our answers are purely based on our gut, intuition, spidey-senses, things we may have heard in the past, if we are remembering correctly, match making skills and wishful thinking. We should also make it clear that we are hopeless romantics.*

And first up it’s…


Gwen: We know they are a couple but they still seem like such an unlikely couple to me.

Jess: It was clear signal when they started kissing on the lips at the end of programs but that really took me by surprise. It does seem a bit unlikely. It actually has made me like Madison Chock more. She’s not a goddess!


G: Actually I’ve never wondered about it until now, but it does seem like a possibility.

J: Yeah, I agree. I think he has to take her cause she shorter than him (just). Also, I think they are one of those teams where you have to have a unique connection to make it work and that could lead to being a couple. They just seem like they are having so much fun together, I can’t really see them with other people.

J, again: Okay, their bios are hilarious. Again, unique individuals! Her hobbies are DJing, music mixing, painting, cooking, baking, and coffee shops. His are photography, video games, finding new music, playing sports outside, grilling.

G:  I am stuck on the difference between music mixing and DJing… But regardless, I think for either endeavour (if they are not in fact the same thing) we can safely assume Jean-Luc finds new music for Kaitlin to use.


G: I just….could you work with AND be in a relationship with someone who is facially emoting so aggressively all the time!?!

J: You’re right, it would be tough. Although, I have to give her some credit for improving in the face department. But I’m still not getting any real chemistry. I feel like I don’t even need to check the bios here.


G: I feel like they still just met.

J: Yeah, they are still babies. Although this season they look so much more mature, I decided to add them to the list. He’s grown his hair again. I think this is a sign of a couple, that she let him go back.

J, again: Okay, apparently they are not babies. They are both 22! .

G: There is potential here. They both like hiking! … And he also lists diving.

J: Does he just dive on the side? Is that a good idea? It seems dangerous to me.

G:  Yes, I think I want to know how hard you have to work at diving when it’s just a hobby…


G: This is one where I thought there was outside confirmation that they were an off ice couple. Anyway, I’ve thought so with confidence for awhile.

J: I think I’ve heard that too… and they make such a perfect little, tiny couple. I could keep them in my pocket.

G: I’m sure they’ve had little kissy-pecks on the ice and in the Kiss and Cry. Her body language also seems a little… possessive.

J:  When you are both so short, you can’t let a perfect tiny match get away from you. 


G: Oh yes, for sure. I won’t accept anything else. They look at each other while talking almost as much as Tessa and Scott. And when I saw them skate to Tennessee Whiskey in Stars on Ice, they really seemed in love and into each other.

J: Oooo, good intel. I have felt like yes for a while but they’ve never said anything or been really demonstrative, so it’s still a bit of a mystery. On the “Tessa & Scott” show, when they showed up, didn’t they say they lived together and were best friends? I feel like that was skating code.

G: What does the Bio say?

Bio: Her hobbies are dancing, foreign languages, and writing. His are cooking, anything automotive, outdoor sports, and upcycling.

G: I feel like these hobbies are quirky enough to be a fit. They say, “We are unique individuals and together we make a power couple.”

J: The upcycling sold it for me.


G: I’ve seen enough fluff pieces about them to feel confident that if they were in a relationship, something would have slipped. Their skating just doesn’t give that feeling either – not that that is a reliable test. 

J: I’m a no too. I think this is just a really good working relationship. 

G: I would accept the theory that Paul has a hopeless unrequited love for Piper.

J: You can see it in his slightly pained expression? Maybe that’s what’s causing it? 

J, again: The bio gives us nothing. She enjoys talking people out of buying orange sweaters and her dog. Paul enjoys blank. There is nothing there. It’s blank. He has no hobbies? He’s not going to tell us? He couldn’t be bothered? What does it mean?

G: Paul! Would it kill you to give us something.

J: We are right back where we started.


G: I’ve thought so for a while. I can’t say why. I think they are pretty handsy in the Kiss and Cry.

J: Yes, I think they are pretty obviously demonstrative

J again: And they both enjoy triathalons.

G: That is fait accompli.



G: They have a pretty sexy vibe. I think yes.

J: I would have said no but now you’ve got me thinking…

Bio: Wang – movies, travelling, movies. Liu – singing, reading, movies, music.

G: She really likes movies. We know that at least.


G: No idea.

J: I’m not sure either. They are pretty new on the international scene. I included them because I’m sort of strangely invested in this team. If we were in elementary school and I was team captain, I would pick them for my team. We can come back to them later in the season! (Yay!)


J: Yes, they’re married.

G: I did not know this!

J: I know! (I mean not that I knew that you didn’t know they were married but that I know that many people don’t realize it.) They don’t really have any coupley vibe on the ice. I felt like they were more connected on the ice this past season though – I think Latin helped. Maybe the tango will help bring more out even more chemistry this season.  

Finlandia happened

G: Note to self. The tango definitely helps.


J: Definitely a couple. Funnily enough, I think they are one of the most demonstrative couples at competitions. I don’t think I have actually had this confirmed anywhere but I have no doubt. I don’t know why I said “funnily enough” though. Why does that strike me as funny or unexpected? Maybe because you think for a couple to be demonstrative they must be dramatic and passionate but really, Charlene and Marco just seem like nice, regular people to me who just think it’s totally normal to show their affection for one another… I really felt like I needed to analyze that.

G: So, I would’ve said yes. I’m not one to dispute it. 

J: And they are super cute.

G: I see them as easy going people, sort of comfortable and nonchalant.

J: The bio lists their hobbies as, hers, music, being with friends, movies, reading; and his, sports, music, friends.

G: I think that confirms it. How could not they get along and enjoy each other’s company? They both like being with friends.


G: No way.

J: I was going to say total, no doubt yes! We seem a long way apart on this. Let’s go to the bio.

Bio: Penny enjoys dancing, cooking, baking, theater and reading. Nicholas likes to spend his time on golfing, soccer and xbox.

G: We’ve got nothing to go on here.

Aside: Are they retired? I don’t see them on the Grand Prix but I don’t remember hearing any announcements, only that they skipped Worlds for her knee. I could understand if they were done though. They went through a lot and got to go to the Olympics in the end.


G: Not sure.

J: No idea, but I like the idea of them as a couple. They could be so cute and good-looking together!

J, again:  Her bio lists tennis, skiing, spinning and photography. His lists art, spinning (indoor cycling), and tennis. WHOA! I think we could make this happen.

G: Two physical activities! Do you think they do them together?

J:  Um… what I do think is this means that if they aren’t a couple, they should be. The stars are aligned.

G: And art and photography aren’t that far apart. Photography is an art form.

J: How many signs do they need!


G: She seems like she could be…difficult.

J: I agree. The leg fringe and now the black rhythm dance skates indicate to me a certain level of drama. But I am leaning to… maybe?

G: That is clearly an undecided, on the fence.

J: Her bio lists music and reading; his … collecting insects, skydiving, and reading. I think you might be wrong about who the difficult one is.

G: Collecting insects is a hard sell.  But they have reading!


J: Definite yes, right?

G: Yes, definite. I feel like FS-Gossips has referred their couple-dom many times. 

J: I feel like I have no reason to question her reliability.


G: Quite certain they are couple, a yes.

J: I would not have said yes until very lately, then I started wondering. But usually I feel like he’s a puppy, always with this big grin, pleased with himself and looking for approval, and she’s the mom and she’s in charge.

J, again: Let’s see… She enjoys music, dancing, movies, and dogs. He likes music, movies, reading and theatre. This is either very promising or very generic. Not sure which.

G: Good news. She likes dogs!


G: They just don’t seem like a fit to me.

J: I was going to say yes here. They are a through thick and thin team! But the bio doesn’t give us much to go on. She likes dancing dancing, swimming, and walking. He likes travelling.

G: At least they aren’t opposed? 

J: You usually have to walk when you travel.


G: It took me a while to remember them, but they have a very “through thick and thin” vibe to me. Maybe they are just good teammates, but to me that says their relationship is more.

J: I think they are just friends. She has a sort of “just one of the boys” kind of vibe, I think. I think they enjoy being total goofs and over-the-top together.

J, again: Their bios are interesting. Her hobbies include dancing, poetry, theater, music, and degustation. (I had to look it up.) His hobbies are game master, table games, dance, dogs, music, comics, tattoos.

G: They are the nerds of the skating world. I love it.

J: I can see how they could be a fit.

Well, that brings us to the end of this round of Couple or Not? Keep your eye out for teams we haven’t covered and we’ll look forwarding to having them on the next!


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