Couple or Not? Pairs Edition

This is a little game my sister and I play every now and then just to entertain ourselves and freely speculate on other people’s lives. Not that it matters in the least whether a dance or pair team are a couple or not but it can be interesting to try to guess based on their skating and body language.

Some of the game has been spoiled a bit by social media and becoming an addicted skating fan. In short, in some cases we just know too much for playing to be any fun but in other cases, I think we could play a round…

After we considered our initial impressions, to help us a little in our decision making we turned to the the team ISU Bios. They can be surprisingly illuminating if one chooses to read between the lines (with the risk that everything you conclude is completely wrong). I feel that in general shared hobbies, and shared physical activities outside of figure skating  in particular, are a positive sign when considering couple-dom or degree of compatibility between said couple or non-couple, as the case may be. (Scott and Tessa both list golf. Enough said.)

*We should make it clear that we did no reconnaissance or research in preparation for this game. Our answers are purely based on our gut, intuition, spidey-senses, things we may have heard in the past, if we are remembering correctly, match making skills and wishful thinking. We should also make it clear that we are hopeless romantics.*

So… Welcome to Couple or Not? This time around, let’s looks at the Pairs! (I feel like there should be intro music here…) Our contestants today are Gwen and Jess. Who are we starting with? … Denny and Frazier!


Gwen: I feel very certain no. I can’t say exactly why.

Jess: I think no too but maybe it could be a yes. I feel like they’ve been through a lot, so you never know. Trials and tribulations can engendered tender feelings. Let’s go to the bio.

ISU Bio: She likes yoga, dance, reading; he likes fishing, tennis, football, poker.

Jess: There is no hope.

Gwen: … Or is there? The poker-yoga dichotomy is concerning but at the Autumn Classic, Brandon was so comforting to Haven, patting her back and her leg over and over, that it made me melt a little.

Jess: You should have led with that.


G: I used to think no (and maybe they weren’t then) but the last few times they’ve skated, yes. They seem pretty touchy-feely, and it looks like they live together?

J: I’m back and forth on these guys. They seem more than just a team. I think they do live together and have a dog but I’ve never really seen PDAs. Living together, makes it seem like they must be couple, but maybe not in the skating world.

J, again: According to the bio she enjoys cooking, baking, reading, teaching her dog tricks and watching hockey. He likes Legos, home improvement projects and ulitmate frisbee… They sound like fun, cool people from their bio. That’s all I’ve learned.

G: No. I have also learned that some people pluralize Lego. If one is playing with “Lego” does that mean you only have one block?

J: Now I am questioning everything.


G: Nope.

J: Wow! That was emphatic. I think they could be. They always do the buddy-buddy fist pump before skating but they some of their programs are quite sensual. I feel like that could be the equivalent of flirting in skating.

J, again: (reading aloud to herself) Her, acroyoga, vegetarian cuisine, him, concerts, … yacroyoga, musical instruments, traveling, food! GWEN! They both do acroyoga! It’s a sign.

G: I’ going to assume you need a partner for acroyoga. I bet they do it together!


G: He’s in love with her. She was dating Liam Firus. 

J: Yes, I think she still is. But I think yes, he is too. He sort of seems to worship her. And he always seems to be the first one to want to hug. He’s a big teddy bear.

G: But it’s never going to happen.

J: No, it’s not. The bio confirms this. She likes “all things dogs” and “reading”. He enjoys “card games” and “skateboarding”. We should watch out for a skating girl who would be a good match for him!


G: They are getting more and more a Virtue and Moir vibe for me, where it is clear to the world they are soul mates but for some reason they don’t realize it or feel a need to deny it. TOTAL couple or couple in the making.

J: Absolutely! I feel good about the chances in this case though because of the Chinese pair track record. I hope they will become a couple!!! It doesn’t even matter what the bio says. (They both like music and reading!)


G: Hard to say….they have lots of chemistry and remember that time she said he cooked for her, and it was the cutest thing in the world??? But at this point I think they are just flirting.

J: I agree there is chemistry and possible flirting going on. Sometimes they seem a bit annoyed with each other but I think that’s a good sign. If I learned anything from a romantic comedy, I know that. I don’t remember this cooking thing. I want to see it.

G: It was with the same interviews when Wang of Wang/Liu said the most cooking she could do was push things around in a pan. And Jin said he cooked for Pen and they laughed about whether she was sincere in saying she liked it.

J: That does sound cute. They have a match for all (her) activities in the bios. Peng: reading, internet, music. Jin: music, basketball, internet, computer games, reading.

G: These are very generic hobbies and could be a match with almost anyone… also I don’t see cooking in their Jin!

J: He must have been doing it for a reason!


G: Really cannot say

J: I know. I just want to remind everyone they still exist and to hope for their return to competition. Did you know that she lists her hobbies as music, painting, playing the piano?

G: I can totally see that. She seems like a sensitive, artistic soul.

J: And that his hobbies are fish farming, fishing, and movies?

G: Who knew!


J: After reading their bios, I like these guys. He hobby is colouring books. His hobbies are visiting old castles and playing baseball.

G: I could hang out with these guys.

J: Also, they are 19 and 26. Let’s move on.


G: I feel like he is out. I don’t think they are a couple. To me theirs is clearly a professional partnership.

J: Do you think it could be a reverse MTM? That she may have a crush on him?

G: Possible. 

J: I just remember that time at Skate America where they made mistakes and he was upset and she was just beside herself. That seemed a bit more than just a reaction to the skating to me. That there were FEELINGS there. But maybe the reason they are more successful in their skating lately is that they decided to be strictly professional.

J, again: WAIT! Her hobbies are tennis, dancing and reading and his are motor cross, tennis, music, and being with friends.


Della Monica/Guarise

G: This just seems no to me. But maybe yes? 

J: Oh, I totally think they are a couple! This is not based on anything I know. They just seemed so relaxed, comfortable couple together and maybe they’ve kissed at the end of programs? I feel like I’ve seen them kiss.

G: They are Italian.

J: But their bios say she likes drawing, cooking, and movies, while he enjoys fishing, movies, and boxing. Oh… 

J, again: I’m not giving up on this. They’ll always have those movies!


G: Could be, could be.

J: I really don’t know about these guys but I will freely speculate. I think we will need to look at their bios.

J, again: Okay, she’s 19, almost (in October) and he’s 26! That’s not what I expected. I thought they were both, like, 21. 

G: Totally with you on thinking they were both on their twenties.

J: Apparently neither of them have hobbies. There is nothing to go on here.

G: Or is there? Could having no hobbies be something in common after all? Like skating TOGETHER is their whole life.

J: And they don’t like anything else.


J: I feel confident that they. I feel like I saw them kiss once?

G: I am on the same page. I feel confident that they are a couple. 

Bio: Her hobbies – her dog, cooking, being with friends, Netflix. His hobbies – soccer, music, cooking, reading, being with friends, his dog.

J: Yeah, they’re a couple. They both have dogs. (Wait – is it the SAME DOG?)


G: I think they definitely are. I feel like it was confirmed at one point, and they usually kiss at the end and she offers her lips in away, which to me says “we do this all the time; not just at the end of free skates as a socially acceptable form of congratulations.”

J: Absolutely, but I did hear rumours that they broke up, which is interesting, if true. We will have to be eagle-eyed this season and read their body language very carefully. Maybe it would be good for the partnership? 

G: But they are so cute and earnest and serious and unimaginative together.

J: Do you remember when he said they skated 400% better? I loved that. He seemed very serious about the calculation.

J, again: They really fit the girl/boy ISU Bio lines. Her – meeting with friends, reading, music, cooking. Him – snowboarding, motorbikes, cars, travelling. I don’t know if they were meant to be now.


J: I was going to say no but then the axe fight made things see things in a different way. It’s so intense. Suppressed sexual tension? There is a lot of emotion going on.

G: I was thinking it was likely until the relationship clearly ended and they brought their epic break-up onto the ice in the form of an axe fight. A choreographed axe fight.

J: I don’t think we are ever going to be able to take them seriously again.


G: She is too adorable and precious to be in a relationship with anyone.

J: I don’t think they are but I think they could be at some point in the future because man, they have a fight on their hands in Russia. You need to be a united team!

Bio: And she likes reading and music, while he likes soccer, music, MMA, and Formula 1. This doesn’t seem likely to me. 

J again: Darn it! (What is MMA?)

G: Mixed martial arts. I wonder if he means doing them or watching them?

Nebelhorn body language: No.

J: Whoa! They mean business!

Ryom/ Kim

G: Yes please! Nothing about their interaction suggests it but I just want them to be a couple and be cute and charming everywhere they go.

J: Yes, forever and ever.

Bio: Her – music, dance, reading; Him – football, reading, music.

J: Two out three isn’t bad!


G: Yeah, I can see it. That would be so super cute. 

J: Yes, I think this is a potential couple in the making here. They didn’t even speak the same language and they made it work as a team, so, I think they could make it work as a couple if they wanted to. Time for bios.

J again: She is into “vacationing in the country, being outdoors, reading.” He list “playing games, cars, bike riding, outback, nature.”

G: Oh my goodness! Match made in skating heaven.

J: Very promising! Maybe a little outdoors holiday, camping, some time in the outback…?

G: Someone needs to get on this.

Well, that’s all for this edition of Couple or Not? Stay tuned for more, when we tackle ice dance!

Note: I have never had more fun writing a blog in my life.


4 thoughts on “Couple or Not? Pairs Edition

  1. We are quite amusing. Well really it’s all you. I can’t wait for the next one.
    I should clarify on Denny Frazier: last season I was convinced they were not together but their debut this season at Autumn Classic made me question everything!

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