2017-18 Favourite Skating Dresses

I’ve been away for a little bit but I’ve decided it’s time for more lists. However, I have just realized how ambitious my title is. I may have to break this down by discipline. I’m finding this difficult to narrow down. Or maybe I’ll go by colour…

So final decision – dresses that I like, arranged by colour.  (I have certainly noticed I have a fondness for red dresses… )

Red Dresses

Lilah Fear FD – I really like this little team (literally I think they are pretty tiny) and I think this is a great dress for West Side Story.  I love the velvet detail on the bodice and the drapey shoulders. I guess it’s nothing groundbreaking but I think she looks great. That’s enough for me.

Tessa Virtue FD – I gushed about her red dresses here. They are all fabulous but I think the final one takes the cake. Bam. Everything you need to know and it looks good too!


Marie-Jade Lauriault FD – I think this dress so suited the music and vibe of the program. I liked her second dress but I prefer this one. Maybe it was hard to skate in? Why did you change? I want to know.

Sara Hurtado FD – I loved everything about Sara Hurtado this season. I loved her programs (I guess that’s another list!) and she looked great. I guess this isn’t a strictly red dress but when you have a red skirt this great, it counts. Kirill looks pretty awesome too.

hurtado1  hurtado

Carolina Kostner SP – I’m going with Carolina’s first short program dress. I don’t know why she ever changed to floaty ruffles. (Although I have a few questions about costume changes Carolina has made.) I think the first was perfect.

Caveat: now I’m noticing the waist, which I never did before and I don’t know how I feel about it, but I still stand by the back (especially), the bodice and the jewel straps.

Mariah Bell FP – I never thought I was a big fan of West Side Story but here we are again! Actually, I want to give this dress a lot of credit because it transformed (to some degree) my opinion of this program. In her first dress, I thought this program sort of insipid and passe, but with this dress, it seemed to have more zest. It’s reminiscent of her “East of Eden” dress in the design, which I thought was great and really suited her, but here the colours are so vibrant and fabulous! The beading at the neck is really something.

Marin Honda FP – I think his is just a classically beautiful skating dress, sophisticated and elegant. I do have questions about the three flowers on the chest, if that is in fact what they are, but I love how the beading over the shoulder creates the sleeves and the dramatic colour. This could just make a gorgeous dress in real life.

honda1  honda3

Elena Radionova FP – I would never have predicted that Elena would make a list of my favourite dresses. How times change! I admit, this isn’t terribly exciting but I do think it is very nicely done and attractive. The beading is very nice indeed and it is just such an improvement. It needs to be recognized. I just really wish she would wear some colour on her lips.

radionovared  radionovared1

Maia Shibutani FD – I was thinking how much I liked Maia’s dress when the Shibutanis did their original Cold Play program but then I realized that I probably like this one just as much (I feel like it is in a similar style), so it’s in the list. I like the purple accent, I like the back (see gif), and I also like the waist (sorry Carolina). I also like the Pyeongchang braid. Good call.


Orange Dresses


Wakaba Higuchi SP – I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to cover all the colours but I think this is orange enough for our purposes. I really liked this first dress – another case where I don’t think it should have been changed. How can you beat the exuberance of this? I think the colours and beading are really fun and overall it fits the program really well.

higuchiorange  higuchiorange1-e1529514278893.jpg

Yellow Dresses

Sara Hurtado SD – I loved this dress! I think it was really a fresh take on Latin for this past season’s short dance. She looks pretty great too.


Green Dresses

Carolane Soucisse FD – Love it! I think this is a gorgeous colour. I can see Ginger Rogers wearing it. I think it is interesting to see the little changes from version one (top) to version two (bottom). I think I like the green straps over the sparkle straps just because they’re more visible in the end, but I like the gold sparkles just on pure aesthetics. I approve both. (If you ever get to see the back, it’s quite nice.)


Piper Gilles SD – This is a good dress to make the transition, since it’s a greeny-blue. To be honest, I can’t really decide. Is it green or is it blue? Would you call it sea green? I love this dress whole heartedly. I wouldn’t change a thing.


Blue Dresses

Kaitlyn Weaver SD – Here is another dress that I wish a skater had stuck with. Kaitlyn’s red bobbie-dazzler was just that but I loved this navy blue with the bright flowers. The skirt really moved and the hair! It’s just the whole look. It still has my heart. I also prefer Andrew in his navy outfit. Look at that man dance!

weaver1-e1529518628506.jpg  weaver

Miriam Ziegler FP – I think this is very delicate and pretty. Well done. I feel like Miriam has come a long way.

Kirsten Moore-Towers FP – This is a standout. It’s beautiful and spot on for the program. In fact, I think it improved the program. Lovely! This is also, I think, the best Kirsten has ever done.

mooretowers3  mooretowers1

Nicole Schott SP – I think this is just a lovely blue ombre and I love how it shimmers. I think this is a personal best too.


Purple Dresses

Alexa Scimeca-Knierim FP – I loved this dress from Alexa. It is simple and elegant and effective. Again, this possibly the best we’ve seen from her. (I do have a soft spot in my heart for her American in Paris blue dress though…) Sorry Chris, no room for you.

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

Ashley Wagner FP – Why was Ashley so wishy-washy this season? Why didn’t she just do “La La Land” from the very start? At least we would have had more time to appreciate this lovely dress.


Dasa Grm SP – I like the collar, I like the colours and the back is fun. Basically, if I have to go purple and geometric, slightly abstract, I am choosing Dasa over Carolina.

dasagrm-e1529605662310.jpg   dasagrm1-e1529605699926.jpg

Pink Dresses

Annika Hocke FP – I don’t think I’m going crazy. I like this dress! I like that for both her programs she recreated such opposite images on the ice. Here, she looks lovely, delicate, innocent, fresh. I think it works and it’s pretty. I should also add, I like the half (three-quarter?) sleeve.


Satoko Miyahara SP – This is maybe my favourite dress from the whole season. At least, I felt happy every time I got to see it. It also might have been the program that made me happy and possibly I conflated the two but look at this! The beautiful shade and ombre, the lovely beading and back… sigh. Look at it! It’s lovely.

satoko pink 1   satoko-pink-5.jpeg

Kailani Craine SP – It’s just so cute! How can you not? I agree that the bow at the back is a bit too much but the rest is great.

craine.jpg  craine back

Marissa Castelli FP – I’m sorry, I take it back Satoko. This is very favourite dress of the season. It’s just gorgeous. I think you just have to see it live. (I want to acknowledge her that I don’t really know what colour this is. I gave up trying to decide and we’re just calling it pink for today.) SPARKLES.

Brown Dresses

None to report. I was hoping we would see more after that nice dress Julia wore last season (2016-17). Come one girls, give it a try.

Black Dresses

Tessa Virtue SD – I wasn’t a huge fan of the bikini leopard dress, although it worked, but I love this one. I wish she wore it all season so I got more time to enjoy it! I even don’t mind the bra/sleeve combination but I think this is well done. They didn’t also try to different colour and stylings on opposite sides, like two dresses had been literally mashed together. It all blends.

ve180211-5275-teamcanada1-e1531063375779.jpgvirtue team sp back

See – it looks good from the back too!

Annike Hocke FP – Annika had a good first year on the senior circut! I hope to see more good work in the future. I like that this dress manages to be playful and sophisticated and really reflected character of the program. (She did a good job with the character too. I was impressed. It reminded me a bit of Kristina Astakhova in her first year with Rogonov. I couldn’t believe how young she was ’cause she was really bringing the character.) I love the chain (?) down the back. The collar is great too.

hockeblack1.jpg  hocke black chain

Camille Ruest SP – I was so sad this dress got lost in transit and didn’t make it to the World Championships, so let’s just take some time to appreciate it now. I like that it is a little unexpected in the back. This is another example of a costume that I think just really captured the program well. And it’s sparkly.

Wakaba Higuchi FP – This was Wakaba’s very first James Bond dress and it was my favourite. I liked the final black one okay but not as much and I never really liked the blue. It always looked sort of last-mintue-thrown-together to me (something about the material?) Anyway, I love the colour accents here and the rings holding the straps together. I think it looks the best on her of the three. And, I like dresses that make some sense as dresses, that could could actually be dresses that would stay up and stay in place and not fall apart if there wasn’t illusion flesh.

higuchi bond 2

Mai Mihara SP – Oh, Mai. I have a real soft spot for Mai and everything she does. I would almost add her fp dress just for the colours, however, I did not really like the ruffly, short sleeves that got added to her fp dress shortly after the beginning of the season because they always looked like additions to me. That being said, I thought this dress was a very good change. She started with purple but then moved onto the black. I love the lace and iridescent shimmer and long sleeves extending over the hands. It also has a lovely open back.

mihara black 3  mihara black 2

Grey Dresses

Xiangning Li FP – I wasn’t originally going to include this but I was watching her again to day and I decided I had to. I don’t know whether this is actually purple or grey but I think it is a lovely colour and I think it does a very good job of evoking a balletic feel (and without a tutu!). I think the details in the beading, underskirt like a petticoat, fake corseting in the back, all come together very nicely. Understated but lovely.

Xiaoyu Yu FP –  I just quite like this. I think it looked great on her and hit the mark as regal space princess. It’s a little unusual at the front and I love the back. I don’t think the hair accessory ever really worked but I appreciate what they were going for. (They needed to do a closer study of Satoko’s hair piece from the previous year.) I’m just really happy whenever Yu gets a nice dress after having to the wear that green-greeny-blue thing for two years in a row.


Maria Sotskova FP – Maria has decided that she likes a high neck and I think it is a good decision. (I think Bradie should pay attention.) I think this is one of the classiest things to come out of Russia this year and possibly in a very long time (sorry Elena – I know you made the list but let’s not get ahead of ourselves). I just hope she’s done experimenting with blonde highlights.

sotskova grey 2

White Dresses

Xiaoyu Yu FP – Delicate and elegant. That’s all you need. And I like that it’s swan-y without being overly swan-y. I’m trying to find a photo of the back. WHY IS IT SO HARD?

yu white 3

Metallic Dresses

Aljona Savchenko SD – Loved the silver. It is cute and has a vintage feel white still being new and fresh too. Aljona has come a long way in the costume department. There used to be a time when I just wondered what the heck was going on. I like that she went out at the top of her game.

Figure Skating - PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games, Gangneung, Korea - 14 Feb 2018

Elena Radionova FP – How did Elena get on here twice? She is definitely improving; this is an improvement over her “Porgy and Bess” last year which was sort of cute and quirky but this just has so much more… beauty. I like the nod to the time period, It’s very art deco and I like the beaded “straps” down the back. But again, can she please wear something other than nude lipstick? I’m not going to stop asking for this.

Kaitlyn Hawayek SD – I love the bodice on this dress. I was never completely sold on the pinkish-orangish (?) colour at the bottom of the skirt but the bodice more than makes up for it. Weirdly, sometimes gold (and silver too) looks muted and dull on the ice but this gold really twinkles and I think red is great for her.


Rainbow Dresses

Cheng Peng FP  – No, this is my favourite dress! Okay, well, at least in the top three. I just love the detail in it (the beading, the sleeves, the design on the bodice) and I think the colours in the skirt are gorgeous. It’s also fairly subtle, compared to some things you see in skating, in making a girl into a butterfly. (I am just so glad she doesn’t have a giant butterfly on her chest.) I think Peng is a very elegant and artistic skater and she looks GOOD in this dress. She made a beautiful butterfly.


Okay… so that was a lot of dresses but I was actually quite strict with myself and probably even forgot some. So, I guess if we had some fashion winners this season Sara Hurtado would be leading the pack, along with Tessa Virtue, and then apparently Yu Xiaoyu, Annika Hocke and Elena Radionova, who both made the list twice… and (early season) Wakaba. Hmm. Well, that’s unexpected. But just to be clear, I think that Satoko-Marissa-Peng Cheng are in a three way tie there at the top in their gorgeous dresses.

As we wait for the new season to begin, I’m going to let Russian pair drama and making lists based on last season help get me through the summer. Next up, favourite programs. Yeah, I think I’m going to do it.




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