Random Thoughts on the Ice Dance at Worlds

Well, this is long overdue. I didn’t think I would post anything for ice dance since apparently I was feeling quite negative during the short dance but then I looked back at some of my thoughts on the free dance and I thought, well, sometimes I think I’m right. So here are my thoughts for what they are worth…

  • I thought Wang/Liu were improving and then the Olympics and Worlds happened to them. What’s going on here? I don’t really know, but I like these guys. I think she is especially fun to watch and suspect she may be a real firecracker.
  • I hope Nazarova/Nikitin never get saddled with something like this pirate dance again. They are better than this. (Although I would be in favour of a whole series of occupation-based free skates if everyone got to pick something.)
  • I just have to note that for Lorenz/Polizoakis‘ Pride and Prejudice free dance, her wearing her hair down is not historically accurate. Aside from that, they are a very good looking ice dance couple.
  • I love everything about Soucisse/Firus‘ free dance. The program never stops dancing. I think it’s wonderful. I sort of want them to take over the world. And there was a little smooch there at the end. Are they a couple?
  • Lauriault/LeGac‘s lifts are very exciting and I think Latin has been good for them; they’ve developed more chemistry on ice. I don’t really have a gauge on how far these guys can go but I always enjoy them.
  • Good job, Hawayek/Baker! After the dicey short dance I’m glad they ended the season well but please, can I say that I’m really looking forward to a new free dance.
  • Whenever I watch Kaliszek/Spodyriev I feel I should like this team more than I actually do. This time, though, I quite enjoyed their free and I think watching the program without music really improved my experience of it. My conclusion: no one should ever skate to The Great Gatsby soundtrack ever again. But, I really do like their blue outfits and their twizzles were impressive.
  • I was just really hoping for two sports for Spain. Yay, Smart/Diaz! I am really looking forward to seeing both teams at major competitions in the future and especially, to them competing against each other.
  • I want all the pairs to line up in order of height. Who is the tallest? Who is shortest? I feel like I need to see.
  • It has been a good year for Muramoto/Reed. She is another girl I really enjoy watching. I look forward to seeing more of them. But please, no more costume changes.
  • I have never seen Guignard/Fabbri perform as much as they did in the short dance. (The sequins were a good try but I still hate her dress.) They can be quite lovely, but it really drives me nuts how unoriginal they are in their program choices. They always seem to be improving and clearly must be hard working, but I just want them to try to do something unique. I want them to have their own style! (Boo, I just heard their free for next season is La, La, Land. Thanks for letting me down, guys. But you are a cute couple.)
  • I don’t know what I think about Zagorski/Guerreiro. I think I like them…? Here’s what I can say: they seem fast; I barely notice him; she seems to really favour a halter neck or cross back style; I don’t like the lift when she leaps head first onto his back. Generally, I think I would like to see them make some more original choices as well. Their TES went up by about 8 pts. after reviews in the short dance. How often does that happen?
  • All during the short and free dance I barely noticed what Stepanova/Bukin were doing because I kept wondering if her chest was bigger. There just seemed to be a lot of boobage going on. In the end, I could not make up my mind. Here is another team where I am really looking forward to a new free dance. Come on, guys! Also, I find it very amusing how everytime in the kiss and cry he looks like a puppy waiting for someone to pet him and she looks like she wants to bite someone’s head off.
  • Gilles/Poirier really killed it at Worlds! I so enjoy their James Bond free skate. It’s even more impressive when you think how they turned their season around with pure will. I sometimes wonder too whether their coach knows the rules better than anyone else. They always seem to find options and variations that no one else does.
  • I got into Capellini/Lanotte’s short dance more than ever before at Worlds. I was really with them there at the end. But then Anna back to wearing the wedding dress in the free and just completely turned me off. The red dress so nice. I don’t understand. Why, Anna? This took up all my thinking for most of the program. Apparently, judging by the scores and crowd, they skated well. But, I think the dress change kept them off the podium.
  • I have to say that Chock/Bates had some of my favourite short dance music this season. And I want to know, are double ponytails really a Latin dance thing? (There were a lot of them.) As for their free dance, it was nice. I don’t think there is anything to object to but the argument can go the other way too…
  • For some reason, when I watch Papadakis/Cizeron, I keep thinking about her hair. It was the same at the Olympics. I don’t even know why but something is bugging me, like maybe she just needed to take a bit more time. I think they maybe had their best performance of their free dance at Worlds. (They definitely seemed more relaxed!) I think they maybe had their best twizzles anyway. I used to think that they weren’t quite together and someone was lagging behind but that doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. I do want to see more dynamic lifts though. I think it’s an area to work on.
  • I enjoyed Weaver/Poje‘s short dance so much. The program really built – their no touch step sequence and lift were so good! I was really excited about their performance and this is another short program where I loved their choice of music. And then, Kaitlyn was back to her original Malade costume (that is, non-Olympic one) and I knew it was a good sign. I was really happy for them to get back on the podium.
  • Hubbell/Donohue did a great job. They really needed to but they did it. I was really into their short dance; it was a great performance and I loved the final spin. Then they just went out and had a great free too. It was another of my favourite programs this season. And can I say that Zach is in line for best masculine presence on ice after the retirement of Scott Moir. Keep up the good work!

Well, now it truly is goodbye to the season! I am really looking forward to tango next season and I wish everyone exciting and original music and program choices! Please think of your viewers!


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