Random Thoughts on the Ladies and Pairs, World Short Programs


  • I really liked Dasa Grm dress. I’m not so sure about her music. That was an abrupt change…
  • Hanul Kim is so darn cute. She looks so earnest and anxious. And I love her layback spin.
  • Viveca Lindfors made me wonder why we are bothering with other Finnish ladies. Good job!
  • I liked Loena Hendrickx new dress. She was wearing a unitard before, right? I prefer the dress version.
  • I think I really like Stanislava Konstaninova. She gave this look to the judges before she began that made me sit up and notice. I liked her facial expression, subtle but in character, and her step sequence. I agree with my sister, though, the arm over the head needs to be dealt with.
  • Dabin Choi really got nailed with under-rotations, which I think was a bit on the harsh side. (Maria didn’t, I notice. She was putting up an awful lot of snow on those jumps. Maybe that’s the issue. The caller can’t actually SEE.) Is someone making her pay for the Olympics? Regardless, I love her grace and serenity on the ice, and her patience. I’m sure (and hope) she will recover in the free.
  • I really like Elizabet Tursynbaeva‘s personality on the ice, her performance, expression. I don’t always like her jumps. Why can’t she get her knees together?
  • Although I don’t love Gabby Daleman’s music for Carmen (Elizabet wins there), I like her fiery performance and her dress. She looks good with the high neck. But a direct comparison: who do you think is better, Gabby and Bradie? I think it’s Bradie, although she is still behind in programs and packaging.
  • Nice performance from Marai Nagasu. She was more expressive than usual. I like triple-axel-Marai, all fired up, but I like Marai-who-gives-face better. I can live without a triple axel if I need to.
  • I think I like Wakaba Higuchi‘s other short program dress better. I wasn’t really into all the bangles on her back. The audience response was great though. They were really getting into her performance.
  • After Carolina Kostner‘s first jumping pass, I thought, “She’s going to be on the podium.” By the end I thought, “She’s really is going to be on the podium.” It was great to see that score for her clean performance.
  • Alina Zagitova than really suffered in comparison. Nothing was finished or completely extended; her blades seemed scratchy; the movement seemed to be just for it’s own sake and didn’t mean anything. To be fair, I’m sure it was hard for her to get ready for Worlds but she just was not in the same class. Although that’s not her fault; she never has been. I’m glad the judges seemed to realize this as well AND realize that they couldn’t give her a pass. I think her PCs was still too high but at least it wasn’t the highest. That’s a step in the right direction anyway, right? (I can’t believe we still say things like this in skating, “Yay, you marginally judged something fairly!” and it feels like some kind of victory. It seems rather pathetic, doesn’t it?)
  • Aside from all of Maria Sotskova‘s non-under-rotation under-rotations, I just really, really, really want her to change the first position in her layback spin. I can’t look at it anymore. I like you Maria. I like your classical music. I know it’s harsh criticism but it’s for your own good.
  •  I feel like maybe Kaetlyn Osmond skated that short program just one too many times, maybe? It’s a brilliant program and I have loved it well (it was my favourite last season and almost this season too) but I think it must be getting old for her too. I really feel like she should have gotten a new dress. Still, in PCs she deserves whatever Alina is getting, plus a percentage.
  • The same deal goes for Satoko Miyahara. Her short program is my favourite of the season. Every moment is excellent.


  • Kashitsnya/Magyar – Wasn’t he skating with another girl earlier in the season? How many partners are you allowed in a year? Or maybe I’m just getting confused with the blur of girls he’s skated with. How old exactly is this new partner? (Okay, turns out she’s 16 but 13 was a fair guess.)
  • Stellato/Bartholomay had a very nice Worlds debut. Deanna twists VERY quickly in their twist and their lift is beautiful. I think it was always going to be hard to qualify for the free, just based on their world standings and lack of international exposure but they skated very well and I think that will go a long way for them. And, they were very close. If only 35% of the field was cut after the short in pairs, like in other disciplines, instead of he 42% that is, they would have made it.
  • Look at the first season for Hocke/Bloomaert! They proved qualifying for the free at the Olympics was not a fluke. I think Annika Hocke is a real find. I like everything she does. She really commits to the program with her full self, the throws are TERRIFIC, she has elegant arms, hands, extensions. And, I feel like she may have been a synchronized swimmer in another life.
  • I am so impressed with Duskova/Bidar, their throws, side by side jumps, twist. They really had a set back, but you could never tell in how they skate.
  • I like Chtchetnina/Auklov. They seemed so happy to be skating and I am very happy for her that she has a better partner. And Larionov coaching them! It was a funny moment in the kiss and cry all of them speaking Russian, then realizing this might be a bit odd and pointing at their jackets saying, “Suisse! Suisse!”
  • Are Ryom/Kim‘s elements getting bigger? It seems like it to me.
  • I really love Esbrat/Novosolev‘s lift, but I think their throw looks really small.
  • Ruest/Wolfe did well at their first Worlds. I thought they put out a good program. I love their style and expression. I wasn’t so sure about the outfit change. I liked her dress. But man, she is tiny. It was always going to be hard to quality without a triple twist. I think they need outside help on that. It just has no elevation.
  • Barquero/Maestu are another first year team and they have done really well. They are looking good. I think they have a lot of room for growth and a long career ahead of them.
  • Sometimes watching Astakhova/Rogonov feels a bit frantic. I just want them to hold some positions a bit longer and not always be moving. Maybe this is a Russian thing. That being said though, they can be quite exciting to watch. I hope Russia values them and invests in them because they have been lucky to have them to fall back on the past four years.
  • Peng/Jin and My Drag – it’s still a great combination! I loved seeing them in this program again. It’s still great and they give such great attitude. Also, I’m always impressed with how they do the twist later in the program than most teams. Peng’s new short hair is really cute too. That was fun!
  • Scimeca/Knierim showed some great elements in their short program. Am I being harsh or are my expectations too high to say that aside from the elements, the program feels sort of… empty?
  • Moore-Towers/Mariano – land that throw! I really like watching Kirsten nail those landings. Clearly there was some issue with her foot or ankle though. She was whipping that boot off in the Kiss and Cry.
  • I enjoy this short program for Ziegler/Kiefer. It such a feel good song and I was very happy for them that they went clean. But Miriam, we really need to talk about what your best hair options are because I don’t think you are utilizing them. Also, I don’t understand the flower. Why are their flowers on your dress?
  • Marchei/Hotarek couldn’t keep the Olympic magic going. Too bad. Their programe just does not work as well for me when it’s not clean.
  • I’m really unhappy for Seguin/Bilodeau, just when they seemed to be on a potential upswing. She just looked like nothing felt right. It made me wonder if she was alright, actually. They are like the Denny/Frazier of last year.
  • What is going on with Yu/Zhang‘s throws? This might be a crisis. I couldn’t imagine her not landing all her throws all, all the time. I still love this program and I think it’s my favourite pair short of the year but it was not at it’s best. You could tell they were really concentrating.
  • Della Monica/Guarise, on the other hand, just gave the performance of their life. How was this not third? I think it should have gone head of James/Cipres and Zabaijako/Embert. (But can I just say that Z/E’s throws are seamless.)
  • Nearly all I could think about through Tarasova/Morozov‘s short was why his pants looked like they didn’t match? They almost looked navy… However, on the plus side Evgenia really looks good in a bun. She really makes it work.
  • I am just really happy Savchenko decided to skate with Massot. Savchenko/Massot are my favourite Savchenko combination. I really love Bruno’s reactions to everything.

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