Jessica Makes Suggestions about Figure Skating Costumes – Latin Dance Part 2


So many fringe dresses, they deserve their own category.

Kaitlin Hawayek – I am loving this. It’s simple but effective. It’s got gold, splashes of colour and the fringe moves. It creates some spice, I think.

Lorraine McNamara – Lorraine just can’t win with me. I hardly ever like anything she wears and this too falls into that category. I’m not a fan of the colour combination (see Torn, Cecilia) and it just looks all sort of undecided and finicky to me. It doesn’t feel really Latin. She really only has token fringe and I do not get the two side panels in the skirt. Maybe it would be better if it had more of a halter on top?

Ekaterina Bobrova – This is sort of good. It’s got the two-dresses-meshed-together issue going on, which I’m not usually a fan of, but the blue and gold contrast nicely and I can like the fringe with the scrolls. (What I cannot deal with is purple earrings. I know it’s her favourite colour but sometimes the greater good must come first.)

Alexandra Stepanova – Not enough. That’s all I can say. It has the potential to be great but who thinks white says “Latin”? She went to the both of crimping her hair but she couldn’t get a better colour?

Tiffany Zagorski – Russia really went with the fringe. I think this is pretty successful. I love the fun colours and I like that she went for the halter and open back, but perhaps they blended the colours a bit much on the bodice? In places it starts to look a little muddy. But, I’m glad that her hair and eyes match her dress.

Kavita Lorenz – This makes me so happy! She’s sunshine on ice. The colours are fabulous and I like that she really went for the fringe. She looks super sexy and samba, cha-cha, everything.

Natalia Kaliszek – You can tell that Natalia has been searching for the right look because she has been through 3 dresses so far this season. The third is by far the best. Let’s look at her progress. Here is another one who heard my silent begging. Way to persevere!

1 – Too much ballroom. They could be doing a tap dance.

2 – Not bad but not enough pizzazz

3 – Fun, flirty and flattering


Cecilia Torn – This is a case where I really the first dress…

And I’m sort of meh on the second.

I like the cross back and the lovely green sequins but I’d rather see more of that and less  less black in general. The top is fairly successful but the skirt seems very heavy. I want something less like … a waiter. I think it’s the stripes down the side. Sigh. I want the red boob fringe back.

Gabriella Papadakis – Normally, I would REALLY like this and mostly I do. I like the colours and the fringe. I like the two piece. I like the metallic bum. Except this is a time that we need to talk about the man. She is going full out Latin, she is all in, and he’s like, meh. She is doing ALL the work and the result is a bit of a mismatch.  I will say that I think there is something about it that is a little overpowering on her. Maybe they could try to meet in the middle?

Marie-Jade Lauriault – This fish tail was causing me concern.

Those are blades on her feet! It also seems a bit long for her short frame.  It does read Latin with the bold colours but I think it works better the second time around.

She joined the fringe club and I think it is MUCH better. I was right about that fish tail.

Angelique Abachkina – I like Angelique because she seems to have really embraced Latin rhythms, right down (or up?) to the sparkles in her hair. I think the colours are working in this dress, and the fringe is too, on the whole, but there is something sort of patchy, for lack of a better word, about the fringe that keeps me puzzling about it, and I think it distracts from the skating.

Alexandra Nazarova – Now this is fringe.

Perhaps a fringe too far? I have to say it’s a big improvement over the first dress, in terms of colour (see below) but it’s still soooo much. I think we need to draw the line at leg fringe. Iis a bridge to far and now the bridge has burned behind you, and no one knows where to look – at the leg or not at your leg? Also, it suffers from the same patchiness issue – I keep trying to figure out it there are layers of fringe in certain areas or just beading or nude-coloured material (I hope?) Suffice it to say, I’m just totally distracted.

Shiyue Wang – This is trying, but I think it’s a slight miss. Like Maia’s first dress, the bodice sort of fades away in contrast to the skirt. But, I like how the skirt moves and that they went two-toned. That being said, the skirt almost looks like there is too much fringe… like it has been padded. I don’t know but I do know that I am paying way too much attention to it, trying to figure it out.

It, again, is an improvement on the first time out. It is altogether too pale and foxtrot. It definitely needed an upgrade and it got one.

Kana Muramoto – I am not whole-heartedly into the black but I think the pink and orange are good colours. Overall, I really like Kana in a Latin style. I think she really brings it and makes the look work. So, yeah, it’s fine. (But I keep wondering what I would replace the black with? Green? Purple? What? I also wish he would just ditch the jacket. Who is doing Latin in a jacket?)

Misato Komatsubara – This is interesting. It doesn’t really read Latin to me, although there are things I like about it. The beading is awesome; I like the side cut outs; it has fringe; but especially with the hair accessory, I’m expecting more Great Gatsby than rhumba. In the end, it’s a bit of a miss.

Aurelija Ipolito – I have no idea who Aurelija and her partner are but I am loving this dress. I think the strappy back is fun and modern and it has the two tones, which really seems a must, otherwise it is too muted. Only suggestion: I don’t know if it even needs the beading on the top.

Lilah Fear – I really like Lilah and her partner, Lewis. They are a cute little team with fashion sense! The dress really suits her well and the silver fringe and beading make it pop. Grey seems a bit of an unusual choice for Latin and maybe it strays a little into Broadway, but I like how her beads and sequins match his deep V and together I think they look Latin. (Yay, he’s doing some costume work too!)


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