The Mole Family’s Christmas – Russell Hoban, illustrated by Lillian Hoban

So, I’m not quite done with Christmas yet. Equal to but perhaps not as well known as Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas, is another Christmas story by Russell Hoban, The Mole Family’s Christmas. 

BKS 86 small

The Mole Family, of course, live under the ground, in the dark. One morning when Delver Mole tunnels up to the surface and a mouse tells him Christmas is coming. But none of the family knows what that is. They say, “Perhaps it is a people thing.” But Delver just can’t let it go and not only that, he then has to find out what stars are too. That is the start of the Mole Family’s first Christmas.

I love the humour in this little story. This is the Mole Family’s letter to Santa Claus: To the man in a red suit and fat we would like a telescope we are nearsighted Thank you love the Mole Family. And I think I like the pictures in this even better than Emmet Otter. The owl is quite wonderful.

My copy has a bit of family history. A least, the ownership is not quite clear. The cover says Katie, the title page says Amy, and the first page of the story says Katie May. I’m not sure if that means she won. Curiously, the letter to Santa is always handwritten in in a blank space where the letter would have or should have been printed. So maybe my version isn’t right, but I think it fits. I wonder what happened there?

I think I am going to turn this into a Christmas concert play.

I hope you wrote your letter to the fat man in the red suit! Merry Christmas!



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