Food That Schmecks – Edna Staebler

Does anything compare to good food? Even in print? I love looking through cookbooks, reading ingredients and imagining the flavours. I don’t need pictures, I just need the words.

Edna Staebler’s Food That Schmecks is really a wonderful collection of food and recipes. These are recipes she has collected from friends and relatives, recalling all her wonderful food experiences from childhood on up. I particularly favour the desserts and the fruit desserts especially. So many puddings! These are warm, melty, comfort foods (there are also lovely recipes for hot days too). And Staebler sets the scene: she describes when you might want this recipe, what is going on around you. You can see yourself in the kitchen, doing it! This cooking isn’t taking place in some gleaming, chrome, state of the art kitchen. It’s homey.

What I love best about Edna Staebler is her love of food! It comes through with every recipe. She enjoys it – not only making it but eating it too. She loves to savour different flavours and add in little surprises that will give it that je ne sais quoi.  Of course, these are Mennonite recipes, from Waterloo County, so I should probably be using German but I don’t know the equivalent. I guess the best interpretation would be – mmmmm.


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