The Bad Speller – William Steig

Anamills perfourmng a difiklt feet.

This is one of the funniest little books I’ve ever come across. It was on book sale table at a my local library and it was too good to leave behind. Who would ever get rid of this little gem? The basic premise is bad spelling – how badly can you spell? For each picture, the captions is written in odd and peculiar ways. But that’s only the beginning of the fun. The pictures depict implausible and fantastical scenarios that are possibly even funnier than the spelling. Who would come up with these things?

I love William Steig. He lets his imagination run amok. (Sometimes it comes back to where it started, sometimes not). But to be honest, for years I didn’t know who he was or that he had, in fact, written many other books, acclaimed books. The Bad Speller was just a bizarre, entertaining, stand-alone work to me. But his illustrations are distinctive and unmistakable, so once I had read a few more of his books, I clued in to what was really sitting on my shelf.

The best part about The Bad Speller? If you read it aloud, somehow with the bad spellings it is impossible to speak in anything but a Southern accent. Try if for yourself.

Kat kampus kukn hotdaugs at a kampfyr.


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