Suggestion to the ISU for the Team Event

I haven’t been making outright suggestions so far. Basically, I’ve just been doing whatever I feel like, but now I have one and I think it’s a good one.

This is my proposal: for the ISU should run a team even just like the Olympics, prior to and in conjunction to the individual skating disciplines at the World Championships. And, this should also happen every four years, but 2 years out from the Olympics, nicely staggered like the Winter and Summer Olympics.

It is a little odd that with Olympic medals on the line, skaters only experience this kind of competition once every four years, like an after thought. (I’m sure I’m not the first person to think this.) It makes the team even just seem a bit like a medal grab but I think the team event can really be good for the sport and should be treated a bit more seriously.

It has certainly demonstrated that it can be benefit for skaters competing in the individual event to first compete in the team. It raises the quality of skating and helps to put out a better event and it is exciting in itself. It has a dynamic all its own, from different teams’ strategies to the skaters’ perseverance when they are skating for their team and not just for themselves. And, I think, it is already paying dividends in encouraging countries to improve their skating programs across the board. Look at China’s dance team, and the improvement in Japan’s  dance and pairs. We see Israel and South Korea becoming more competitive. True, the top three teams have remained the same from 2014 to 2018, but who thought Italy could get so close, only one point back from third after the short? Maybe in another four years and with a bit more attention, the competition for the medals will become tighter and more intense.

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Short Dance Olympic Updates

Many skaters are trying to freshen up their look, bring out more fire in their performance and attract the judges attention with every last effort they can make, so – no surprise – there has been a mass wardrobe change for the Olympics and many new short dance dresses have already made their debut. And we are only in the team event! Can’t wait to see more.

Tessa Virtue – It’s still cut high to the hip like her previous dress but this one sparkles even more with major bling and interestingly shows less flesh. (I also think it’s interesting that this dress has a rectangular motif, rather than triangular to match Scott. However, the solid black and glittering beads do match very well, as you can see.) As my sister said, “Tessa’s new dress is divine. One of my favourites ever. Even with one sleeve!”

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Jessica Makes Suggestions about Figure Skating Costumes – Latin Dance

The short dance in senior figure skating incorporates the rhumba and Latin rhythms. I feel if you are going to do Latin, you better do Latin. Go all in. I am very pleased that a lot of the skating world took this view as well. So, a lot of the ladies in the dance (let’s face it, it’s the ladies we really care about) have the slightly outrageous colour and design choices necessary to really pull it off. The question is who has gone too far and who not far enough, and who has hit that sweet spot in the middle.

Let’s start with the Canadian ladies and see where we end up. (Just a note that we could end up anywhere. This has nothing to do with ranking or placements or titles – anyone can make the list. However, I draw the line at Juniors. That would be too much.)

Piper Gilles – Love it! I think it’s a gorgeous colour and a fabulous modern take on Latin.

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As a librarian, I make “suggestions”, not “recommendations”, because my taste may not be your taste. But sometimes I think my taste should be your taste. Sometimes I think, if people just listened to me, I could really sort things out. In this spirit, I would like to make suggestions about many things: books, shows, figure skating choices – all the really important things. Maybe someone will take me up on them? For self-amusement and wishful thinking, I offer my suggestions.